What is the perfect color for your brand?

Choosing the color for your brand is an important task that will mark the future of your company. Whether you just want to have a simple logo, interior decoration in your store or even a simple website, it’s very important to know the direction of visual identity you want to pursue, where one of the most important assets is – color.

Different colors can often have different effects on people’s mental state and thinking about certain events, paces or experiences.

Let’s explore some of the most popular colors and where they are used primarily.


The color blue is the one we see most often when we talk about social media, apps, consultancy companies – anything that needs to be unobtrusive and consistent. Blue is very easy for implementation, but also very easy to implement. The only thing why you should stay away from blue is because of its frequent use. If you want to stand out from the crowd, it’s much better to either go with an entirely different color or choose an unorthodox color hue.



Red is a very vibrant and strong color. It gives off an impression of energy and passion. Caution is advised with red, as it can be used improperly and can express an entirely different message without you even being aware of the mistake. It is very easy to confuse passionate tones of red with very unpleasant ones.



Researching color is a great way to start off with defining your brand culture, whether you’re a small business owner, an artist who needs his or her own brand image, or on the management team that rebrands the entire corporation. Search for examples of different uses of color throughout the internet and try to find the one with which one you feel most comfortable with.


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What is your favorite color and why?