The Rebranding Podcast – Episode 2

Today, we discuss the Yahoo, Twitch and Pandora rebranding. Stay tuned!

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Podcast team:
Host: Zivko Gvozdenovic, CEO
Co-host: Marko Puric, Creative Director
Co-host: Mladen Draganovic, Web Designer

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Zivko: 00:01 Hello everyone and welcome to the second episode of the rebranding podcast where we discover things from design and their Chrome. I’m your host Zivko, and here with me are Mladen and Marko to discuss a bit about the rebrandings that happened in the last two weeks. So a lot of things actually happened in last two weeks and that really tells us that we need to do these podcasts more often. I think. I mean, because, yeah, I mean a lot of things happened and it’s strange how three big companies revamped their visual identity in such a short amount of time. After the Volkswagen and after Android brand update, it’s amazing that these colossal brandings can happen in such a short timeframe.

Mladen: 00:52 It’s a rebranding season.

Zivko: 00:52 It actually seems like the rebranding season has started.

Marko: 00:52 Three big companies have a rebrand. So, that’s amazaing.

Zivko: 01:18 Okay, so, let’s start from the biggest player in 1994. Let’s start from Yahoo. I mean, what’s that? What’s that? So, I don’t know. It seems to me… So, Yahoo did the rebranding and it actually is the Pentagram rebranding. And you know how Pentagram does things. Everything’s just to the highest level of standards, even though it sometimes can seem like a bit the fault state. So, you know what to expect from the Pentagram and from the today’s design world. Everything goes into San serif font. Everything goes into some kind of geometric and simple typography, everything goes into bright colors. So you already know what to expect from these kinds of rebrandings. But what I appreciate the most is that it’s not the fail as it was in 2013. What’s interesting about 2013 story that concerns Yahoo is that CEO Marissa Mayer in that time did the rebranding. She’s not a designer. She didn’t have a proper team of experts to do the rebranding. And she just revamped the logo in a minor way, tweaking the font and still, I mean, people thought it wasn’t redesigned at all. Also, she didn’t take that rebranding strategy to the level she should have. So what I mean by that, she just swapped out the logo. She didn’t, didn’t have enough strategic planning to actually do the whole branding and to take Yahoo to the next step. But it seemed like, Oh, we don’t have a great logo so let’s just do this and put this logo out. It was a mess. And she didn’t have a background in design. She didn’t hire proper agency to do the rebranding and it was a total mislead, total mess. So, thanks to Marissa Mayer. And now we have the Pentagram. Pentagram did an amazing job in rebranding the Yahoo, but for what sake? I mean, it’s Yahoo for god sakes. Does anyone remember it at all? So do think there are people who know what Yahoo is?

Mladen: 03:37 Yeah, so there’s this interesting thing that Yahoo is an old company, well, technically old company in tech world, they’re ancient. The thing is, they do things as old companies do. They think, okay, we will do a bit of this work now and we will continue later. As they did with redisign that failed. So, they waisted much more money and resources and market publicity than they should for this rebrand. The thing is, we talked about Volkswagen in the last podcast and you can always see the main product that is comercialized with the rebranding. It’s the one that’s the image of the company, that is rebranded. Now, the Volkswagen showcased the ID3, and they are showcasing the electric world. But Yahoo in 2013 and now, they’re showcasing their mail app. So, they are not a search engine anymore. They are nothing. They are the mailing app for Android users and iOS users. Now this is harsh. This is really harsh, but they’re doing this to their themselves. I’m not to judge here. I’m just stating facts.

Zivko: 04:52 Okay so, they are the mail app now.

Mladen: 04:52 Yeah, they are the mail app now. Now, I really like the rebranding. They look like a chocolate company right now. They look like the Holland delicate, or something like that. Not sponsored of course. But, it’s the attractive new yummy colors and shapes, you could almost say.

Zivko: 04:52 That’s the right description.

Mladen: 04:52 That’s the professional description. The social logo here showcased on instagram, that they have on Pentagram site is terrible. Social media icon avatar. It’s terrible. It’s a light… what’s the color, I forgot the name.

Zivko: 05:42 It’s purple. Readability is bad, yes.

Mladen: 05:48 Yes. It’s terrible. And it’s not framed nicely. it’s going out of the circle. It’s terrible. But that’s just the mock-up for the showcase of the Pentagram. I understand that. It’s probably much nicer in practise.

Marko: 06:01 We’ll see how it works in practise.

Mladen: 06:05 But, other than that, it’s a really nice logo. They should have maybe, curved or cut on the angle. They’re straight.

Marko: 06:17 Rounded?

Mladen: 06:17 No, no, no. They need to cut it a bit under the angle. It’s not straight. It’s a horizontal line. I mean, it looks weird. It would be better if they did that, but something’s weird. Something is weird about it to say.

Zivko: 06:33 There is actually an explanation for it.

Mladen: 06:36 It fits in. But, for the eye it’s uh. I will get used to it but…

Zivko: 06:42 Definitely. Better than the old one for sure.

Mladen: 06:46 Of course. Maybe just a bit spacing I think will help, but… Yes, spacing. Definitely spacing. It’s fine. Everything’s fine.

Zivko: 06:53 Okay. So Marko, do you have thoughts for this?

Marko: 06:55 I think the purpose of this rebranding is to remind us that they are alive. Hey guys, we are alive.

Mladen: 07:04 They maybe do another rebranding in a year or two years.

Zivko: 07:11 And, it won’t help. It won’t help. So I mean, I really like, as you mentioned, that now they have the purpose for it. Yeah, it is the mail app, but they now have the cause to do the rebranding. The 2013 was costless if that’s the term. So why should you do the rebranding? As you mentioned, the Volkswagen did it because they had the purpose for it. They wanted to show the new electrified phase of Volkswagen. This is Yahoo in the new light. Let’s now focus on the actual visual identity and move from strategy to identity and graphics. So, what’s interesting about the exclamation points you’ve mentioned is that it’s angled at the same angle as the letter Y in Yahoo. So, it’s 22.5 degrees and which is the 16th of a circle, which means nothing basically. I mean, that’s the angle and they just did it, it’s there. It’s there, it’s there.

Mladen: 08:18 Thank you for that. Yahoo you’re great.

Zivko: 08:20 Okay. So the interesting thing, the word mark is set in a central number to extra bold typeface and the letters of the logo type have been modified to be more geometric and compact in a way. And yeah, the exclamation Mark has been italicized. I mean, it’s Italic. It’s Italic as it was in the last logo. Also, it has been in every iteration of the logo since the company’s founding. So, that was the thing they needed to save.

Mladen: 08:56 Because of their failure.

Zivko: 08:57 Yeah. Yeah, for sure. So another thing, when you look at the Pentagram’s website and when you look at this showcase of the rebranding, why did they put this here?

Mladen: 09:14 They have a really interesting sock. I need to say I first saw it in Mixerrebranding. Mixer is online streaming platform owned by Microsoft. They first did the socks and then the T-Shirts. So, it’s really popular to have socks.

Zivko: 09:34 It’s a trend now. So, you can check out on Pentagram’s website. There is a sock with the logo implemented.

Mladen: 09:42 It is really pretty, but I would personally never wear up pink or purple socks.

Marko: 09:46 Pentagram likes to put their logo, to put the logo of the company on bags, now socks. What’s next?

Zivko: 09:56 I mean, yeah, it’s merchandise all over the place. So that was interesting for me to see.

Mladen: 10:04 The bag is interesting. The bag is really interesting. The bag is composed of the logos. You’ll see it on the Pentagram site. It’s really interesting.

Zivko: 10:15 Yeah. It’s interesting, but the question is if that’s the implementation that I would like to see, I mean, look at this. For example, they are using exclamation point of the logo to animate it and make the icons of it. I don’t think this is going to work in practice.

Mladen: 10:33 I think that’s just a showcase. I don’t think that’s a thing they are doing. Pentagram is just showing: here’s the thing we did for your mind.

Zivko: 10:40 Here’s the possibility.

Marko: 10:40 What is interesting is that Yahoo is a company that is based on web, but Pentagram showcase is mostly merchandise things.

Zivko: 10:56 I think there is the UI part of this.

Marko: 11:00 It’s not great. It’s old-fashioned.

Mladen: 11:06 Well, pentagram is not a bad designing company. They’re just putting an all new brand on the things that already exist.

Zivko: 11:14 Yeah, so it’s not up to them how the UI works.

Mladen: 11:16 I just need to point out. I really, really like the colors. I mean, I respect the pastel palette, but this one is different. It’s, I don’t know, it’s something unique. I don’t know how unique, but it’s pleasing to see, I think. On billboards it’s really nice.

Zivko: 11:35 So, what’s interesting about these colors is when compared to Android 10 colors, you can say that the Yahoo ones are strange in a way. They are on point. For Android 10 there are a few colors that I can say, oh, this is not green, this is greenish. But here I say, this is purple, this is yellow, this is…

Mladen: 12:02 The thing is the Android colors, when you see them, you’ll say, oh, I know that style, I’ve seen it. I know what they’re thinking about. The Yahoo ones are, oh, this is an interesting combination. This hs the old signature of the Yahoo. But it is a refresh.

Zivko: 12:17 And they did a great job, I think. And of course it was Michael Bierut for God sakes. I mean he’s doing an amazing job with rebrandings. But when you think about it, every single one of his works is quite the same. I mean, it’s strange to say it in that way and to put it like that, but this is the same kind of rebranding as he did with MasterCard.

Marko: 12:43 That’s true.

Mladen: 12:47 Yes but it fits, that’s the key point.

Zivko: 12:47 Yeah it fits but this is nothing new. We’ve seen it over and over again happening for all the brands out there.

Marko: 12:57 Yes, it’s the same pattern.

Zivko: 12:58 The same pattern of changes. Nothing new here. So that’s interesting to see.

Mladen: 13:04 Sorry, I just need to point something out. The thing is, because you side loaded it with the Android rebranding, I think the stories are much more similar than you would think. The Android one is made so that they can be done with Android. Android is done. They are not focusing on the new iOS called the fuchsia. You could check it out on the Google, keynote. The thing is about Yahoo. Yahoo now is dying. I mean, they’re just a mailing app. They did the rebranding now and they’re done. We’ll fix this. We have now the new icons for our iOS, Android and other platforms and now we don’t need to touch it. We updated for the new millennia and now it’s done. Some day you just see it disappear from your phone and it’s done. You won’t have the situation like, oh, every app now is updated. It’s modern. And now the old Yahoo that’s a hundred years old, he’s still there with the old logo. That’s probably why we see the new branding rebrandings now. It’s like, okay, we are really old, let’s just update it and stay in peace with everything and later we will change the company or die off as some companies have in mind or changed completely the game.

Zivko: 14:27 Well, the thing here is you’ve mentioned that they did it because they are old. Well, that sometimes isn’t the case for the rebranding. We know IBM. They have the same logo from the 70s, but it’s not about oldness. It’s more about, well, we will crash into nothing and we need to…

Mladen: 14:47 I don’t think anyone can compare with Paul Rand. The IBM logo, for me personally, is a perfect logo. It’s just on point. It’s nothing. It’s timeless I think. So there’s that.

Zivko: 15:00 This is tribute to Paul Rand. So, rest in peace.

Marko: 15:04 But Paul Rand just added the blinds to the logo. The font is the same.

Mladen: 15:11 That’s the thing. He has a mastermind. He’s great.

Zivko: 15:17 He took, I don’t know, hundred or $200,000 for such a, I mean, we know that it’s about visual identity and about everything else, but I think the team at IBM now did much wider research, and we’ve checked it out on their website, than he did.

Marko: 15:35 I totally agree, yes.

Zivko: 15:38 Yeah. So, okay, let’s switch back to the Yahoo, the hot topic now. So, Yahoo can thank us. It’s now mentioned in one podcast, in the database. Okay. So I’m just kidding. Of course there are people using Yahoo services, but, in a much narrower sense than the Google ones. And it can’t compare. It can’t compare what Google is offering and what any other service is offering from the, I mean, the Bing is the closest one as I know. Also, the interesting thing about Yahoo identity is… I mean, I’m not sure if I want to see Yahoo as I know it in these, some kind of childishly, or not childishly, but these funny icons, I mean, that’s not Yahoo to me. Well, that’s not Yahoo as I remember it. I mean, maybe it is time for me to start thing differently about their approach.

Mladen: 16:43 Well, you need to take a count that every showcase of the new brand is much different in practice. I saw the one for the Windows logo, which is also, by the way, done in the Pentagram company. It’s much different. The company, as they get their assets, they evolve the logo in their own style. So you’ll see the old Yahoo dressed in the new light. So don’t worry about it.

Zivko: 17:13 I didn’t doubt that for a second. Okay. But, they’ve done a great job. I can’t say nothing more than amazing. What’s interesting, and I think you Mladen will like this a lot. So, they have two colors, specifically named. So listen, this is amazing. Do you know what? What do you think? How do they call this green color that you see? I think it’s this one. I’m not sure, but I think it’s that one. Sorry. Sorry. The purple one. How do you think they’re calling it? You can’t, you will never get that.

Marko: 17:53 Yahoo purple.

Mladen: 17:53 Creative.

Zivko: 17:53 What’s your thought?

Mladen: 17:58 Uh. You purple.

Zivko: 18:00 You purple? You mean Y purple?

Mladen: 18:02 Yes. Y purple.

Zivko: 18:02 So. It’s Hulk pants.

Mladen: 18:06 Oh my God.

Zivko: 18:07 How creative that is.

Mladen: 18:10 That’s a really bad pun.

Zivko: 18:12 I mean, Hulk pants. How far can you go with that? It’s like you did the rebrand.

Mladen: 18:20 Okay. Yes, yes. It looks like it. Okay, I’m going to use that color from now on, on the ends of my designs.

Zivko: 18:27 That was amazing. There’s also a Malbec color and grape jelly. A bright shade they call grape jelly. But amazing names, amazing colors. Colors are on point here. And not just colors, but their scheme, how they work together, the scheme of colors. So they are working together fabulously. I can say nothing more about that. The exclamation point is questionable. Yeah, it is, as you, Mladen, said, but I think it will work not just much better than the previous logo, but very well in practice, as it is here now.

Mladen: 19:06 You don’t really see much of the purple brands now, these days, don’t you?

Marko: 19:14 Yes. Except Viber.

Mladen: 19:17 Yeah, that’s specific to Europe, I think. The Viber or Viber up. That’s interesting.

Zivko: 19:24 Well, yeah. Okay, so, when we’re talking about purple-ish things and purple brands, there’s another one here.

Mladen: 19:37 Of course. The big one.

Zivko: 19:39 So yeah, you actually see purple brands, at this podcast, so two purple brands for this podcasts. And, of course we are talking about Twitch. So, Twitch also did the rebranding. And, can you even see the difference between the logos? Could you see it before you actually put them side by side?

Mladen: 20:03 You can, if you take a closer look. It’s more a playful. Playful game, like, 8-bit graphics or something. There’s a really interesting story about Twitch rebranding that I came up with. Would you just read?

Zivko: 20:22 You’ve heard it?

Mladen: 20:22 No, I concluded. So, do you want to do the brief before I…

Zivko: 20:27 Yeah, let’s first say a few words about the rebranding itself. So it was done by the famous Collins agency, the great founder of it is, of course, famous Collins, designer. So, what they did essentially is make it a bit more geometric in a way and a bit more as Mladen said like 8-bit games, like all the games. And, of course they are using their signature purple color and a bit more tweak now. And I think it’s, I mean, let’s not say what I think, yet, but, they are using a lot of gradients and you will never see… Today, I don’t think you can find the brand with this much gradient. I’m not sure. I don’t think that’s the case. And they’re very vibrant, they are taking the new direction, like 80s VHS style thing. And, let’s hear about your conclusions.

Mladen: 21:25 First, let’s talk about the idea of this combination of the gradient from the 80s and the games. The thing is, the logo looks like the games everywhere, the 8-bit graphics and things, but when you see the gradient and how they use it, it’s really the reflection of the community of the Twitch. The Twitch community has a really signature, vibe when you see the chats and communities in the live streams. They have these GIFs, those emojis, that are really represented in this logo. And that’s really interesting. Those colors, those lights and things are really specific for them. Now, the thing is, why does Twitch do this rebranding right now? They’ve had the same brand since they started along the Justin TV, right? If I remember correctly.

Zivko: 22:26 Is it 2016? Or 13, or 9?

Mladen: 22:29 I think it’s, oh my God, I don’t recall. We don’t know. We didn’t prepare for this, but, okay. The thing is that Twitch recently lost their biggest streamer called Ninja.

Zivko: 22:43 Oh, didn’t know that. So you are the…

Mladen: 22:46 Yes, I am an inside man. Now, he’s a Fortnite streamer, now he’s doing more games, because Fortnite is dying off to the Minecraft, but nevermind. The thing is, Microsoft signed the contract with Ninja, to bring him to the Mixer, that we mentioned earlier. Now he’s an exclusive streamer on Mixer and Twitch has a really big problem because I think a significant amount of users now migrated to the different platform. Twitch even tried some shady things. They replaced the channel for Ninja with recommended streams on the Twitch platform. Ninja confronted Twitch thatn said it’s not a good thing. They shouldn’t do it. It’s against any normal morals that they have. So Twitch has a thing. Twitch is trying to prevent their users from going to other platforms. Now there is many other platforms.

Zivko: 23:50 You know YouTube gaming.

Mladen: 23:51 YouTube gaming is pretty much not that used, but there is big thing like Dlive. The famous YouTuber PewDiePie is streaming exclusively on Dlive and there’s that. So there are other companies trying to fight for the Twitch market share and Twitch is really trying to do something that’s other than Ninja because Ninja was the face of Twitch. And now without him, they need something to attract users. They could as well change the name to Twitch Ninja. Of course, the thing is, when you see the arts and the commercial materials and billboards for Twitch now, they represent their partners and things. It really has all Ninja identity logo. Now that’s the old one. The weird smiley, they had that in the… Oh, they don’t have that in the corner. The chatbox, they had chatbox in their logo. Now it’s removed, That’s the thing. Are they using Robot?

Zivko: 24:54 No. Don’t do that. Don’t say that. Don’t say that on this podcast. So, I’m just kidding. Roboto is great in some ways. So yeah. I mean, you mentioned they’re using their contributors.

Mladen: 25:10 There it is. If you look at the past Ninja commercials, they have a summary, but resembles, his brand is something of a purple modern done and these new Twitch ones pretty much ressemble it. So they’re trying to keep that vibe that is popular with them.

Zivko: 25:32 Yeah. I mean, what’s amazing to me when we look at the Twitch rebranding is when you put all these gradients and when you actually check out the video they have on Colin’s website, they all work together. They all work together. You can’t say these don’t go. And after the use of every one of these, you end up with purple Twitch. So you somehow end up with purple Twitch as it always was. But there is the underlayer that is the gradients that go together. So it’s amazing.

Marko: 26:12 One of the gradients are like on Instagram, look at this. That’s interesting.

Mladen: 26:16 I don’t think they have a limited amounts of gradients. I think they can do whatever gradient they want. I think that’s made with that in mind.

Zivko: 26:29 That would be amazing if that’s the case.

Mladen: 26:31 Also, it really resembles the 80s hippie culture. And I like it, I really like it.

Zivko: 26:39 It’s some kind of pop culture. Yeah. I mean it has that vibe that you mentioned. Also typography, beautiful San Serif font. And what’s really spooky in a way, for me, is a tagline. We’re getting back to, George Orval here and how we are going to do that, we’re just gonna read their tagline. Look at this here. So their tagline said, you’re already one of us. I think that’s strange.

Mladen: 27:11 Well, for you, but for any gamer is its type of a calling. It’s calling you, hey, if you’re playing games, you belong with us. It’s a thing trying to converge everyone in Twitch. But yes, it’s really weird. If you don’t know what it is and you see it in the city, it’s really scary to see it.

Zivko: 27:33 Well, you know, it’s… Imagine Mark Zuckerberg says, Oh we know everything, you’re already one of us. We know the data. We’re stealing… This scary. I mean, yeah, when you look at in that light and you know, there’s a lot going on with the privacy issues with the Facebook, Google and Apple or whatever. it’s strange when you see you’re already one of us. What’s that? And I’m not a gamer. And if I don’t know what that is… I mean, I know what it is, but imagine our parents. You’re already one of us. What’s that?

Mladen: 28:10 It’s obviously made for the young generations.

Zivko: 28:11 Yeah, that’s true.

Mladen: 28:12 Also one thing. when you look at the black wallpaper, I think of the show. Have you watched the Stranger Things? It really looks like Stranger Things. It’s really influented with that.

Zivko: 28:28 Oh, now I see it. Now I see that. I didn’t see that at all. I mean it’s not the same kind of typography, but it has that vibe. Well, amazing. So they’ve also done that.

Mladen: 28:45 Oh my God. That’s beautiful.

Zivko: 28:46 So yeah, I mean they’re using these gradients to the fullest potential. So, amazing, amazing job.

Mladen: 28:52 Ah, okay. I don’t know why they kept the messenger icon.

Zivko: 28:56 Yeah, that’s left to do its job. Also, the point here is, don’t you feel like Collins is presenting their brandings better than Pentagram?

Marko: 29:11 I would say yes.

Mladen: 29:14 Well, yes. It certainly has much more passion. And what much more out of the box thinking. Instagram is mostly nowadays a slight adjustments to the logos. The modernizing of the already existing one. This, however, is the whole new design. This is the whole new ideology, especially with that 80s or Stranger Things vibe.

Zivko: 29:42 And what’s amazing here is that the simple change in color of the background of the website from white on Pentagram to black on Collins really gives it that modern vibe, modern feel. I mean, dark mode everywhere is the idea. So, yeah, I mean, Twitch did an amazing job, Collins agency did it. And you see the difference in Yahoo rebranding now when the agency’s done it and when the Yahoo did it in 2013 and Twitch knows this and they took amazing people to do it.

Mladen: 30:17 I want to point out that if you take a closer look, Yahoo has a much better shade of purple than Twitch. So they have that going for them.

Zivko: 30:29 Yeah, that’s true. A much better shade of purple. Yeah. So, tell me now, do you like jewelry.

Mladen: 30:37 Sure.

Zivko: 30:37 If you get it for free of course. But yeah, jewelry was with us since who knows when and you know, women are all over it. And some men yeah. They are probably smart. I mean if you like jewelry, this is the topic for you. Jewelry and design combined. Of course, we are talking about the Pandora redesign. So the Pandora is the biggest jewelry maker, I think in the world. I think that’s their achievement. And they have a, you’ve probably seen the Pandora logo in shopping malls, on things and buildings around you and they have the slight redesign. And what’s strange about this particular one is they moved from Serif to San Serif and they are jewelry company and you know very well that fashion jewelry and all these types of things often have Serif font.

Marko: 31:40 Yeah, that’s interesting.

Zivko: 31:41 What’s happened?

Mladen: 31:42 Well, there’s the thing, if your name is more important than jewelry, you can use te San Serif font.. If you are representing jewelry, you have jewelry influencing your logo and then you use Serif. That’s the thing because everyone is using Serif. It’s really, I don’t know names because of it. Everyone is the same. Black Serif fonts, I don’t know who you are. Pandora on the other hand now has this, I really like the O. even without the crown, it’s really a perfect circle. I like it. I don’t know why. I don’t think of it as a jewerly company anymore. I didn’t know up until now, I didn’t know what Pandora is or what they’re doing. Now, when I see this logo, although it’s pretty much the same ideology, it’s like, Oh, they have something going for them. Also, look at the end.

Zivko: 32:43 Yeah, that’s what I wanted to point out. That’s strange, it has the thing… No, the thing is that they moved to San Serif or better to say San serifish font. I mean, what’s that? Is that the San Serif or what? What’s that? So why do they have that. So, for our listeners to know, the letter N, the third letter on the logo, has some kind of foot on the, I mean there’s no foot, that is upside down then, but some kind of shoulder, some kind of a part of the letter n that seems like Serif font and we don’t know why they’ve done it. So, why.

Mladen: 33:31 Well, if you look at it closely, the n is the only one that has something like this so it really stands out.

Marko: 33:36 But also, A is weird a little. It has a weird angle on the top, a weird curve.

Mladen: 33:43 Can you zoom in on that? It looks like it’s more of a straight line at the end. Oh my god it is.

Marko: 33:58 Yeah. It’s like a straight line at the top of the a.

Mladen: 34:03 The sides of the a are converging and there they go straight up. That’s interesting.

Zivko: 34:11 Who was a typographer here?

Mladen: 34:13 This is a really interesting thing.The N, also the other side of the n, the right side. It also has something like the Roman…

Zivko: 34:28 Yeah, like the Serif. And the r is strange. Why is r with that?

Mladen: 34:35 The more you look at the logo, the stranger it gets.

Zivko: 34:39 Yeah. So don’t look at it too much. It’s like the UV lights from the sun. Don’t look at the sun. Don’t look at the Pandora logo.

Mladen: 34:46 But yeah, it’s still perfect.

Zivko: 34:48 It seems like perfect one. So, don’t look at the o, it’s perfect, believe us here. So, yeah. The crown is also simplified and it took this new approach with the San Serif image. So what’s also interesting is, they are using this o, with the crown as the stand alone thing. And of course the new visual language.

Mladen: 35:15 I don’t like it.

Marko: 35:21 I think they overused the pink, scroll down. Yeah. A bit. Find the interior design section. Here it is. They overused the pink.

Zivko: 35:31 It looks like Disneyland.

Mladen: 35:34 The Barbie land. I don’t think the brand identity fits with the logo.

Zivko: 35:43 Yeah. I mean, I think it’s too pinkish for my, for my taste. But this one is great. There are also interior designs where it’s white.

Mladen: 35:52 Black and gold fits. Pink on the other hand, does not.

Zivko: 35:59 How would you actually rate this logo evolution and how would you rate the application of it in real life?

Marko: 36:08 I think the logo is fine, but I mean, it’s not that radical design like Yahoo, but it’s okay. it’s slightly refreshing the logo. So I think it’s okay.

Mladen: 36:20 I would give nine to the logo.

Zivko: 36:24 Out of 10? Well that’s high.

Mladen: 36:27 Yes. You the why? Because they’re bold enough to make a weird typography. Other than that, it’s pretty much a six, seven. It’s decent, but it’s really bold. But the implementation in the showcase of the rebranding is terrible. I don’t like it. So, I won’t rate that. I will wait to see what Pandora does with it. So then we’ll probably come back to it.

Zivko: 36:59 Let’s see how they are actually implemented in real life. Let’s see their stories.

Mladen: 37:04 Oh my God, look at the end of the D.

Zivko: 37:09 Don’t look at the logo. So yeah, let’s see how will they do it in real life and let’s see how will the stores actually look, when you actually enter them. Okay, so, we are trying to not go over the 40 minutes, so we need to end it here. Thank you for listening to the rebranding podcast. We will see you in two weeks with the new rebranding stories and stories from design and tech world. I’m your host Zivko Gvozdenovic, and here with me in the studio are Marko and Mladen. So see you in two weeks.