The Rebranding Podcast – Episode 1

Today, we discuss the Volkswagen rebranding with its dieselgate scandal, Android 10 brand update and the introduction of the new Porsche Taycan, previously known as a Mission E concept. Stay tuned!

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Volkswagen Rebranding
Android 10 Brand Update
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Podcast team:
Host: Zivko Gvozdenovic, CEO
Co-host: Marko Puric, Creative Director
Co-host: Mladen Draganovic, Web Designer

Used music: Realism – Text Me Records / Grandbankss

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Zivko: 00:00 Hello and welcome to the first episode of the rebranding podcast where we discuss topics from design and tech world. Here with me in the studio on co-pilot chairs, are Mladen and Marko. Hey guys.

Mladen: 00:11 Hi.

Marko: 00:11 Hey, what’s up?

Zivko: 00:13 So today we’re going to talk about the new Volkswagen rebranding, the Android 10 update and a bit about Porsche Taycan. So let’s start. Okay, so we’ve all heard about the Volkswagen rebranding. The Volkswagen unveils new brand design and logo, and here’s what they say about it. The rebranding represents a tremendous opportunity to allow customers throughout the world to experience Volkswagen as a strong new brand – New Volkswagen. New Volkswagen represents a departure towards the new Volkswagen world where digitalization and connectivity will make customer communications more data-driven, more personalized, and much more individual. For the new brand design, the design and visual language, the corporate identity and the communication style have been entirely revised. These main principles are playing a key role in the process. People first, digital first, new attitude, brand differentiation, total brand experience, meaningVolkswagen will provide the same experience across all touchpoints, irrespective of where the customer is located and global brand governance. So whether in China or in South America, Volkswagen will once again have a uniform presentation throughout the world. The new brand design will function both for our MQB and for our MEB vehicles. This is from Volkswagen’s newsroom blog website. So what do you actually think about the Volkswagen update about their new brand? How do you feel about it? What are the impressions you have when you think about this rebranding that happened?

Mladen: 02:07 Well, it’s much needed redesign for the, well, the car giant that is Volkswagen. I believe this movement is pushed by the much neededdrive for modernizing the brand. Because if you look at the old logo, it sparks the memories from the 80s and those commercials. And this new logo is pretty much modern. It sparks light, it has whole new brand identity behind it. It’s much more clean and pure logo.

Zivko: 02:48 Well that is true. But what do you think, I mean, it’s famously known that dieselgate happened and if some of you don’t know, the Volkswagen cheated on the results for CO2 emissions and it was a mess. So do you think Marko, would this rebrand happen if the dieselgate never happened at all? So do they really need to departure from the brand that was dieselgate or do they do it because of something else?

Marko: 03:25 Well, I think the rebrand happened not because of the dieselgate. I think… Well, we all know that Volkswagen produces quality cars, but not too expensive. So now they’re trying to do the same but with electric vehicles.

Zivko: 03:46 Yes, that is entirely correct. But I don’t know, would some things be different if dieselgate never happened at all?

Mladen: 03:56 Yes, I need to agree with Marko partially on this because I agree that this wasn’t probably sparked by the dieselgate, because most people don’t know what happened or have forgotten about it because the users who trust Volkswagen brand will probably continue to trust it and will probably continue to buy their cars. I think this is a much greater push to present Volkswagen as an electric brand in people’s eyes.

Zivko: 04:27 That is true, but I know stories from United States, I mean it was a mess in United States. They pushed this clean diesel story to United Stated primarily. And I mean, it was successful. They sold a lot of Jettas and Passats as the numbers show. But I know stories from people that actually, once they found out about the catastrophe, they actually, I know, I’ve read in the news, the man said to his wife give me the keys of my Jetta. He got to the dealership and said, you disgraceful mother f****** here are the keys, I don’t want to drive your vehicle anymore, because he believed in the story of cleaning the world, cleaning the planet, of clean diesel. He believed it. He truly did. And once he found out that it’s not true, he just returned the vehicle. They accepted the vehicle back, but that’s not the point.

Mladen: 05:34 Yes, well, you need to be pretty ignorant to think that those cars don’t pollute the air and the environment. Even if such things happen in US, It’s pretty much small part of users, it’s not that important. Those people are just a few of the hundreds and thousands of people that buy Volkswagen cars.

Zivko: 05:57 Well, yes, but the brand recovered, I think.

Mladen: 06:00 Of course, there wasn’t so much buzz about it. It was really just talked about in the tech world and in car outlets, because most people who buy cars are the normal people. They don’t follow the stories of Volkswagen. They can hear it from dealers and others, but if you came to buy a car in Volkswagen, nothing can stop you. You want to buy a Volkswagen car.

Zivko: 06:29 Yeah. I mean for some of the people it wasn’t such catastrophe.

Mladen: 06:32 For the most of the people.

Mladen: 06:35 For the most of the people, I mean we all pollute everything and they think, oh, we pollute with bags, with plastic bags, with cars, like who cares anymore? I think that’s the status.

Mladen: 06:44 But you don’t have much choice. You need to pollute because you don’t have an alternative, Volkswagen now, they advertise the ID.3 and this whole brand was represent of that new car, of that new ideology. Now because you have an alternative, you have a new brand for Volkswagen, now you can buy an electric car, you have E-Golf, you have ID.3, you have other manufacturers, you now have an alternative and now, you need to focus on that to buy those cars. Before, you couldn’t do anything. If you need to get transport, you needed to buy a gasoline car. And you couldn’t much escape it.

Zivko: 07:24 Yes, that is correct. But what do you think, primarily for this redesign. What is more important for Volkswagen – to departure from the dieselgate or to enter the new electric world? What do you think is the primary cause they need to be focused on – to departure from dieselgate or to enter the new electric era?

Mladen: 07:47 Well, the most likely it is to compete with Tesla and other cars. The manufacturers that are going electric. The dieselgate wasn’t so much of a problem for Volkswagen I think because it draged the whole industry with it, not just the Volkswagen. If nothing, it helped other car manufacturers to enhance the movement of all the electric vehicles. We already have stories that in 2030, maybe 50 or something percent of cars will all be, on the market, electric.

Zivko: 08:22 Yes. From Volkswagen.

Mladen: 08:23 Of course.

Zivko: 08:24 Yeah. Interesting point about this. So let’s let’s read another snippet from their newsroom. So the new brand design is the most comprehensive rebranding accomplished by company throughout the world in recent year., All in all, 171 markets are concerned. At the 10,000 facilities of dealers and service partners throughout the world, about 70,000 logos will be replaced. Can you imagine 70,000 logos throughout the world on dealerships and around the world will be replaced in next year or so. Can you imagine that movement and the cost of that movement. I mean, it’s amazing.

Mladen: 09:12 Well congrats then, if they can do it, because I know any redesign, it takes years to replace all the assets and if they do it in the first year, congrats. They are the best company ever.

Zivko: 09:24 I mean, yeah, it is really, really hard. Especially when you are a global brand, not some local brand and you can just swap out the logo. But this,,,

Mladen: 09:35 I just need to point out, if you take a look at their site right now, the new design is only present on the German one.

Zivko: 09:41 Yes.

Mladen: 09:41 So, I’m putting a question mark on when it will come out everywhere.

Zivko: 09:47 The update will be gradual, so let’s all get on the same point. The update will be gradual, but what do you think about the logo itself? So besides visual identity and the brand image that they are creating now the new, young, the new Volkswagen as they say, what do you think about the mark? What do you think about the graphic mark that is now a bit redesigned? I don’t know if people will even notice it. I mean, they’ve used a monochrome logo before, but this time it’s a bit more different. What do you think of the new logo?

Marko: 10:24 I think the new logo is great, but it’s pretty obvious redesign. Now there are no 3D elements on the logo and it’s more simple and modern. So I think it’s pretty obvious, but it’s great.

Zivko: 10:38 Yeah. Mladen what do you think?

Mladen: 10:39 Yes, well they did as little as they could to change the logo and then still call it a redesign because the symbolic VW is Volkswagen. They can’t change that. It’s imprinted in their identity. Now if you take a look at it side by side, the only thing I can, well, say is, it wasn’t perfect, not from design perspective but from accessibility perspective, it’s that the new logo, the edges of the W don’t touch the outline circle. And that can really be a problem on the 16 by 16 pixels scalability. And other than that, everything else is perfect. It’s just a perfect redesign for the already established icon that is Volkswagen.

Zivko: 11:27 Yes, that is strange that you mentioned the letter w. I mean, we know they were obsessed for months about do they need to do this or do they need to do that? But, I don’t know why that was their choice. Also an interesting point, the letters are actually thicker than the outline. So the circled outline is thinner than the letters. That was strange to me.

Mladen: 11:54 Yes. They’re trying to emphasize on the letters.

Zivko: 11:59 But have you noticed that the old one, it was vice versa?

Mladen: 12:03 Yes. Yes.

Zivko: 12:04 So that’s interesting to notice.

Mladen: 12:06 You can’t say it isn’t prettier now. It’s much more nicer.

Zivko: 12:11 Well, when we actually… We know that the Mini, the BMW’s brand, right? So the Mini did the same kind of redesign, I think two years ago or something. So it’s the same kind of outlining the logo, making it more… But, they still use the 3D version on the cars. So, they’re not ditching it entirely. Volkswagen ditched the 3D version entirely. Also, the same happened for the German Airlines Company. Lufthansa or something, I don’t know how to pronounce that, but they also did the rebranding in the same style. A bit thinner, a bit more streamlined. So, that happens in the world now.

Mladen: 12:58 It’s cleaner. It’s much more nicer, it emphasizes on the glimpse in the logo, the outline, it looks like the outline isn’t even in the logo itself. It’s just, hey, this is the edges of the logo and the logo is what’s inside.

Zivko: 13:14 Yes. But it’s interesting that, that happens now. I mean, everyone’s going crazy about outlines. I mean, that’s the, that’s what happens. Also Volkswagen’s chief designer Klaus Bischoff played a key role in the development of the new corporate identity. He says in the new brand design, we have created an authentic communications platform for the emotional presentation of immobility. We’re showing the Volkswagen of the future under the moto of digital first and no filter, Klaus Bischoff said. So, the strategic foundations for the new brand design, were not laid by external agencies but by a joined team of Volkswagen design and marketing. The design was implemented with the full integration of all departments of the company in the record time of nine months using a power house concept developed by Volkswagen, especially for this purpose. So now please, I want to point out this, A total of 19 internal teams and 17 external agencies were involved in the project. How… I didn’t understand this when I read it the first time. How can 17 external agencies be in the process if it’s inhouse? That was strange to me.

Mladen: 14:40 Well, probably for consulting and for, well, mockups and other assets for representing the logo. I don’t think they have much in designing the logo and branding itself.

Zivko: 14:52 Yeah, that can be correct. But it is strange. We have to admit, I mean look at how much people, 17 external agencies and 19 external teams.

Mladen: 15:04 Well you can’t say it isn’t a big thing. They need as much people as they possibly can get.

Zivko: 15:09 Well yes, that is correct. So what I admire about the new redesign, the new brand, is actually the moving frame concept and if we can pull that up it would be great. So the moving frame concept allows the Volkswagen logo to fly anywhere on the screen and still be consistent with the brand image.

Mladen: 15:37 Yes. I’ve seen it in a commercial. It really is something, an art piece you can say.

Zivko: 15:42 Yes. Yes. Basically that moving frame concept is for me the main thing in the rebranding because previously they’ve used a lower right corner, always the lower right corner. How would you implement lower right corner on the web? No way you can do that. Now, it’s a bit more innovative and it really can be used. Here we go. So we’ll actually leave the link below the podcast to this and you can check it out later. So basically I’ll try to briefly explain it. The logo can be anywhere on the screen, layout can be anything you want as long as it has the white border, white outline. So you’ll see it when you check that out. What do you think of that concept? I think is great.

Mladen: 16:35 Yeah, it’s nice. I like it.

Zivko: 16:37 Yeah. Yes. Another thing that happens at Volkswagen with this new rebranding is, they are using light a lot. They are using light a lot and they are also using the female voice at the end of their commercials. They really emphasized the importance of that. So, they are switching from the, really German brand, really a brand that has a legacy and that wants to stay the same. They are now taking a few steps forward and actually trying to make them global brand. I think that’s the main concern. To make the Volkswagen global brand.

Marko: 17:20 I think the light is allusion that the company now is more directed to electricity, not to…

Zivko: 17:27 Well yes, the chrom changed… The light actually changed the chrome. Yeah, that is true. And on the vehicles as well, the light is used instead of chrome for the logo. What do you think about the ID3 that was introduced alongside the new brand?

Marko: 17:42 The ID3 is, I think, a great vehicle because it is a quality as other Volkswagen cars, but also affordable. There are no many cars in the world that are electric and cheap. Affordable, pardon. So I think it’s a great car for the masses. What do you think?

Mladen: 18:05 Yeah, wellI like that. Any technology that we see when it comes to Volkswagen, when they get their hands on it, we can see it in every house. And I really like that. The whole electric idea, the whole new design, new technologies that they are implementing with their new rebranding is pretty much awesome. Also they’re advertising that they are mobile first, web first, so they’re finally embracing the new technologies that came up from the 90s and early 2000s. Finally. So I’m really excited about it.

Zivko: 18:38 Yes. I was never happy with their website.

Mladen: 18:41 Yes. It was terrible.

Zivko: 18:41 Yeah. So interesting question now. Interesting thought experiment. So, you like the ID3, right? It’s an interesting car to drive. Interesting car to see.

Marko: 18:52 It’s nice, yes.

New Speaker: 18:53 I mean, modern looking car, nothing wrong with it, I think. I watched the commercials. A lot of interesting things happening inside of the, of the interior. I mean, a pretty good car. For 30,000 euros, I mean, it’s great. An interesting thought experiment. What do you think would happen if they’ve introduced something entirely different, not connected to the old logo in any way? Something entirely different for their mark. Is that a brand suicide?

Mladen: 19:23 Yes, it would really harm the Volkswagen brand. The people would be confused. They wouldn’t recognize it because most people in the world recognize the mark, not the word Volkswagen.

Marko: 19:35 It’s okay when the case is when the company creates a new company like Volvo did with Polistar? So, it’s okay only then. The people remember the logo and…

Mladen: 19:48 Yes, you need to save just a bit from the old logo as, as little as for other people to recognize the brand as it was before the redesign.

Zivko: 19:58 Yes, that is correct. And I can’t emphasize enough how important the logo and the graphic mark for the company is. People don’t, I think people don’t get that. People don’t get have logo even if they think, oh, it’s just, I mean, those designers… What were they doing nine months? But the stories are a lot… Much more, much deeper. And once you actually start looking at it you actually see how much effort that took actually to uplift the brand from the old voice and to give it a new expression. And, when we’re talking about new expression, there’s the android. So, the new android 10, actually, Google started to… I mean, Google ditched the dessert names, right? So the android queue…

Mladen: 20:54 I’m really sad about that.

Zivko: 20:56 Yes. I mean, how do you come about this liking desserts? I mean, desserts are great and…

Mladen: 21:02 It was really unique. The thing they did with Android branding, but okay. What they did now is pretty much good, much better.

Zivko: 21:10 I mean, why is it much better? Let’s check out the explanation from the Google’s website. So, they say, over the last decade, Android’s open platform has created the thriving community of manufacturers and developers, that reach the global audience with their devices and apps. This has expanded beyond phones, to tablets, cars, watches, TVs, and more, with more than 2.5 billion active devices around the world. Well, that’s amazing. As we continue to build android for everyone in the community, our brand should be as inclusive and accessible as possible and we think we can do better in a few ways. First, we’re changing the way we name our releases. Our engineering team has always used internal code names for each version based off of tasty treats or desserts in alphabetical order. This naming tradition has become a fun part of the release each year externally too. But we’ve heard feedback over the years that the names weren’t always understood by everyone in the global community. For example, L and R are not distinguishable when spoken in some languages. So when some people heard us say android lollipop out loud, it wasn’t intuitively clear that it referred to the version after Kit Kat. It’s even harder for new android users who are unfamiliar with the naming convention to understand if their phone is running the latest version. We also know what pies are, that pies are not a dessert in some places, and that marshmallows, while delicious, are not a popular treat in many parts of the world. And this is from the Google’s article about the brand updates. Also, this is interesting because I had an android. I mean, who haven’t had an android. But, I also didn’t know when someone said, I have a Kit Kat, I have a Lollipop, I didn’t know, is that the newest version? It was confusing. It really was confusing.

Marko: 23:22 Yes. Me too.

Zivko: 23:22 Yes, it was confusing. Number is straightforward, streamlined thing. Ten, nine, eight, seven, what do you have? Ten, nine… It’s really much easier. And also we we’ve heard the explanation about the global community. What do you think? Is this really… Was this really a problem or it’s just an excuse?

Mladen: 23:40 Yeah. I had the… I have an interesting point of view for the old and the new naming strategy. Now, if you take a look at before you probably didn’t expect to get an android updates before and now when you have a name, it was usually to emphasize on the release, not the version number. Because if someone said, oh, I have a Lollipop, oh, I have a Kit Kat, it will be just, eh, it’s fine. The person with Kit Kat wouldn’t think, oh, I’m hoping I get a lollipop because they probably wouldn’t get it. But now with all the Google projects, and I forgot how it’s called, the thing they update android from the play store, users are probably expecting to get a new version sooner and to get it…

Zivko: 24:32 You mean, because numbers emphasize the importance and…

Mladen: 24:35 The number emphasized that this is a service. This product is continuously upgraded and you will soon expect a new version. And before that wasn’t the case for android. It still isn’t in larger amounts, but, the Google is moving that way.

Zivko: 24:56 Yeah, I mean, I think it is a purposeful update. What do you think about the new rebranding Mladen?

Mladen: 25:04 Well I just need to point out that they pretty much made a big buzz about the colors. They redesigned the whole colors they use in android. They have primary, secondary orange and whole things in color space. They also point out that their green is green with a little bit of touch of blue. I don’t know why, but they made a whole buzz about it. Also if you take a look at a year before we have an Animal Planet redesign, and if you put side by side the new Android logo and the Animal Planet font you’ll see a resemblance in both logos. Now, the whole interest in industry is heading for the black bold typography and clean pastel colors in their glimpse. But these two logos pretty much have the same pastel pallets and pretty much the same typeface. Also, I’m not criticizing the typeface they made, especially for Android, but it’s pretty much same for the ordinary users or viewer of Animal Planet.

Zivko: 26:23 Yes. Well, I don’t know how, how that passed by us, this Animal Planet redesign. I mean…

Mladen: 26:31 Yes, I haven’t noticed it until now.

Zivko: 26:32 Yes. Only until recently we’ve uncovered the… So, if you haven’t seen Animal Planet redesign as we haven’t huh check it out. I think it’s great. But well, you mentioned the colors and you said they are emphasizing the colors of the brand in the new updated colors. Actually these colors are, they say these colors are more accessible for people with vision disabilities and I mean, I don’t know if that’s true and what was the research they did.

Mladen: 27:09 They didn’t say anything. (Siri Goes off). Oh, Siri works.

Zivko: 27:10 Siri’s now on the podcast too. So, what do you think about the new rebrand?

Siri: 27:20 Playing podcasts… Welcome to the…

Zivko: 27:23 Great, so Siri’s sometimes useful, sometimes not, but not when you’re recording the podcast. So the tip for everyone, turn off the HomePod when you record the podcast. Okay. So, where were we? Animal Planet and colors. So colors, they say they’re more accessible and more visible to the people with vision disability. I don’t know if that’s true.

Mladen: 27:44 Well, yes, they didn’t say anything. They didn’t prove that it’s better. They just said, hey, these colors are better, much.

Zivko: 27:52 Yeah, that’s true and they outsourced the agency. Did you know that?

Mladen: 27:57 I didn’t.

Zivko: 27:58 They outsourced the agency for this….

Mladen: 28:00 Which one do you know?

Zivko: 28:01 Yes, uh…

Marko: 28:01 Huge, I think. The name of the agency is Huge..

Mladen: 28:07 Oh really?

Zivko: 28:07 Huge. Huge.

Mladen: 28:07 I thought you said that they were huge.

Zivko: 28:09 So, let’s pull up the agency here on the web and see who they are. I’ve checked them out and their work a few days ago and they’re great. I mean, they have a wonderful website.

Mladen: 28:22 Yeah, I just remembered I need to point out the Android logo. The head of the android is meant to look the other ways if it is placed somewhere. The eyes move around. It has animation that is pretty.

Zivko: 28:36 This actually the website of the end. We will leave you the link so you can check it out. So this is their website. I mean…

Mladen: 28:45 Huge Inc. Is the name of the company by the way.

Zivko: 28:48 So, yes… I mean, the great agency. Also, yes…

Mladen: 28:53 I like the pins. I really like the pins.

Zivko: 28:55 Yes. The android head you mentioned well, interesting, we didn’t talk about it. They actually cut the body off and now it’s only the head…

Mladen: 29:05 They decapitated it.

Zivko: 29:06 The head is what remains and it’s streamlined to the point where they now don’t have anything to streamline anymore. I mean, this is the only mark of the android that remained. The head of the robot.

Zivko: 29:21 And the great thing about the head is that, as Mladen mentioned, it’s animated in such a way that it’s still to the animation and it’s still x and y axis animation. So the eyes move left and right and the antennas move left and right. And we have the impression that the robot is actually looking left or right or any other way, and they’ve done an amazing job at this, so I really encourage you to check this out, to check their animation. You’ll have the links for everything down below. So they did an amazing job. So the question is, how will they implement that? Where will the head with the moving eyes and everything be?

Marko: 30:06 Maybe on the splash screen when you turn on your phone?

Zivko: 30:10 Well, yeah, but it’s not, that’s not, I mean…

Mladen: 30:13 Well, the idea is, if there is a product, let’s say on the web page, and they put the Android logo below it, the head will probably look at the new product. That’s the thing. It was like an essential being in the website.

Zivko: 30:28 That would be interesting to see actually, how will they implement that in the brand. And what I’m noticing they’ve put on their website, on Google’s website, they put older Android logo than actually the previous logo. This was the logo two generations ago. And I know why they did it. They wanted to emphasize the change. This is not the…

Mladen: 30:51 They did a midterm redesign. They just change it to not look so terrible.

Zivko: 30:57 Yes. I mean, you’ll see that on their website, this is the android two point something or three point something.

Mladen: 31:03 Yeah, the font is terrible. It gives me the memory from the Jellybean. Oh my God, that was a terrible system.

Zivko: 31:12 I mean, yeah, it’s a bit too edgy for my taste, but okay. We’ve started the story with electric vehicles and how the Volkswagen electrifies the industry and, they really fight against Tesla and another automaker that tries to fight Tesla is Porsche. And what they’ve introduced recently was Porsche Taycan, and this is a famous Mission E concept, which I liked the name much more, have to be honest. But what they did, they did an amazing show. They actually unveiled the car on three locations at the same time. I know. Have you had a chance to check out the event? Have you watched the…

Mladen: 32:00 Well, I haven’t.

Zivko: 32:01 They actually unveiled the car at three different locations in the world at the same time and for everything to be better, so, listen to this, all three Porsche Taycans events were staged near renewable energy installments. Hydropower at Niagara Falls in Canada, solar in Nordenberg near Berlin, and a wind farm on Pingtan Island, less than a mile from the Chinese city of Fuzhou or however, a physical symbol of Porsche’s move to electrification. And, when you check out the video, you’ll see that stage was made, especially for the event, and you can actually see the solar panels and the wind turbines and everything behind. They opened a huge door when the event was finished to actually show what was behind the stage. And it was amazing. It was interesting really to see something like that. So what do you think about the new Porsche Taycan and will it beat Tesla model S or Roadster, depending on who, what type of person are you, are you comparing to model S or Roadster?

Mladen: 33:20 Well I’m more of a Tesla guy and I’m glad that Porsche is making an electric car and I encourage all the car companies to make one, but I don’t think you should root for the Taycan, because Tesla is driving the industry. If you prefer to own one. Sure. But I would much prefer Tesla to be better because if they are better, they will continue to drive the industry.

Zivko: 33:48 Porsche also doesn’t have an autopilot.

Mladen: 33:51 Which isn’t the problem if Google has something to say.

Zivko: 33:55 Well, I don’t know. I think…

Mladen: 33:58 I mean, the self driving car is not, as of yet, not so much of a selling point in the most of the world in the US some people that are fanatics about the electric cars probably don’t buy an electric cars without autopilot. But others, I mean, me personally, I would pretty much like cheaper car without a pilot.

Zivko: 34:26 Yes, it will be. I mean, these cars, these type of cars that are 160-170,000 euros, doesn’t mean much for the electrification move. I mean, they won’t electrify the industry. They are, but…

Mladen: 34:40 They’re following it. They are modernizing.

Zivko: 34:41 They are following it, yes. And even though this car is expensive, in first, what, two weeks or something, they had 20,000 reservations already. So let me check that. So more than 20,000 people have registered to join a list of prospective buyers for the Taycan. And that was only, that was in March, 2019, during the 2019 Geneva international motor show. And the deposit for that was 2,500 euros. I think more than for Roadster. No, For Roadster it’s 5,000 euros, yes, dollars and I mean, it’s a lot of, I mean, 20,000 people.

Mladen: 35:24 Well, it’s Porsche and it’s electric car. What more do you need for massive reservations.

Zivko: 35:29 And what do you think how they implemented the design in the production car? They had the Mission E concept and when compared to the concept look and when compared to the concept car that they’ve actually introduced as a mission e how do you think, what’s the similarity? Have they done a good job in resembling that same style?

Mladen: 35:53 Well, it’s decent one and you can’t always expect one to one resemblance of the…

Zivko: 36:00 Yeah, that’s true.

Marko: 36:00 I think it’s pretty close to the concept, but it’s actually combining the Panamera and the Mission E. I think that’s the…

Mladen: 36:10 Well, they probably ironed out the, some rough edges when they started the production. So I can see that change the design incrementally.

Zivko: 36:20 The size of Taycan is actually in between. So, in the middle of Panamera and 911, that’s the size of it. So it’s in between. But yeah, I mean, they did a great job in actually resembling that concept. And it’s really hard when you want to transition from concept to production car. And the only thing I don’t like, and of course it’s great, it’s beautiful. But the only thing I don’t like about Porsche Taycan is these air vents below the headlights. I mean they looked great on the concept car, but here they are just why and how.

Mladen: 37:04 Well if you’re looking at this picture, I’m hoping that it’s just because of the angle. I don’t think it looks that bad.

Zivko: 37:14 Well, let’s check out that. Let’s see. Let’s pull up a few images, few more images of Porsche Taycan. I think, I mean, from some angles it probably looks good, but I think that it could be better. I think that could be… Well, I don’t think it looks better.

Mladen: 37:27 Well, yeah, I agree. Well actually from this side, from the far out, it looks great.

Zivko: 37:33 As everything.

Mladen: 37:35 Look at this. I’m hoping that’s the official image, not the mock up. It’s from two days ago, so I guess that’s real.

Zivko: 37:45 I mean the car looks great, don’t get me wrong but…

Mladen: 37:48 Yes, those look a little bit fat. A bit fat here. I doesn’t look as sleek as the rest of the car.

Zivko: 37:57 Yes, yes, that’s true.

Mladen: 37:59 I see your point.

Zivko: 38:00 But, I mean, everything else is great. It’s important that transition is happening. So, to conclude the story, who do you think could win? Tesla or Porsche, with the roadster and Taycan?

Mladen: 38:12 We are still waiting for the testing results, but I believe the Tesla is much more superior than the Taycan.

Zivko: 38:19 What do you think Marko?

Marko: 38:20 I think the Taycan is superior, superior to Tesla because I think the Taycan has better driving specs. And when it comes to, to track and race…

Zivko: 38:34 But we are talking about, we are talking about Roadster so…

Mladen: 38:39 Oh. Why didn’t you say so?

Marko: 38:41 Okay. That’s interesting.

Mladen: 38:42 I thought about Model S for a second.

Zivko: 38:42 No, Model S no, but yes, we know that on track, the Porsche Taycan is a bit more handlier. Not when the Model S is specially optimize. I mean, Elon Musk is crazy enough to optimize it for any…

Mladen: 38:58 Well, they have that model selling soon. That’s the update for the Model S. That’s not especially upgraded. It’s a next model, Model S.

Zivko: 39:06 Oh, I didn’t know that.

Mladen: 39:07 Yes. You have it in some article.

Zivko: 39:09 That’s actually interesting. But now we’re talking about Roaster and…

Mladen: 39:14 The only thing I need to say is that Tesla has much more experience in the electric cars and the technology that Taycan uses is probably from Tesla because, Elon Musk specially open-sourced everything they have to encourage other car manufacturers to make electric cars.

Zivko: 39:34 That’s a bold statement to make. We can’t confirm it.

Mladen: 39:38 That’s probably true because they are charging on Tesla stations. The Taycan.

Zivko: 39:44 They have the fastest charging, uh…Taycan has the fastest charging ever on a car. For 20 minutes they can charge up to 80%.

Mladen: 39:52 But can they charge on Tesla stations? That’s the question.

Zivko: 39:55 I don’t know. I mean… I think they are too proud to do that.

Mladen: 40:01 I mean, the Tesla is the only provider of the electric, the most common electric charging station in the US and Europe and everywhere. So if you don’t charge on their stations you’re pretty much doomed, if you are a statewide transporter.

Zivko: 40:20 Yes, that is true. So, to recap, Volkswagen did an outstanding rebrand and now has a thinner logo, uses light as a main thing, has a nicer commercials. Android 10 ditched the dessert names and now goes with simple numericals. Porsche Taycan is introduced as the new electric car from the German brand Porsche and is competing directly with Tesla and check out that animal planet logo we talked about. We hope you enjoyed the first episode of the rebranding podcast. The episodes will come out every two weeks, so you can check them out. Thank you and see you soon. Bye-Bye.

41:10 (The music plays)