Choosing the color for your brand is an important task that will mark the future of your company. Whether you just want to have a simple logo, interior decoration in your store or even a simple website, it’s very important to know the direction of visual identity you want to pursue, where one of the […]

Today, we discuss the Yahoo, Twitch and Pandora rebranding. Stay tuned! Useful links: Yahoo Rebranding Twitch Rebranding Pandora Rebranding Podcast team: Host: Zivko Gvozdenovic, CEO Co-host: Marko Puric, Creative Director Co-host: Mladen Draganovic, Web Designer Used music: Head Candy – William Rosati The Rebranding podcast proudly brought to you by Skech Agency.  

We often take it for granted and forget how technology progressed in a very short timeframe. People enhanced every aspect of every job and we adopt new technologies faster than ever. The same applies to designers.   The never-ending war between Affinity and Adobe is one of the most common conundrums among designers. Should you, […]

Today, we discuss the Volkswagen rebranding with its dieselgate scandal, Android 10 brand update and the introduction of the new Porsche Taycan, previously known as a Mission E concept. Stay tuned! Useful links: Volkswagen Rebranding Android 10 Brand Update Huge Inc. Podcast team: Host: Zivko Gvozdenovic, CEO Co-host: Marko Puric, Creative Director Co-host: Mladen Draganovic, Web Designer Used […]

Every great project starts with a great project brief. The task of writing an effective brief that communicates well can often be overwhelming. We’ve prepared a brief guideline for writing the great project brief so that you and your team can focus on other important things.     Start at the beginning Introduce yourself and […]